What is the PowerGrid?

The PowerGrid is a dynamic system that ranks and scores the most active people and successful projects in Hollywood, home to the most exciting industry in the world. In real time.

How does it work?

The PowerGrid measures success and failure based on an algorithm that accounts for box office performance, awards, critical opinion, profitability and recent activity, yielding a PowerScore. *

ThePowerScore is a blended measurement of commercial and artistic success. 

Power = Success / Time

For projects, the formula breaks down as:

50%  box office compared to budget and number of theaters at widest release

30% MetaCritic score

20% Academy Awards

(If there are no Academy Award nominations or wins, the percentages rise slightly in other categories.)

For people, the formula breaks down as:

60% Project scores

15% Academy Awards

15% Longevity

10% Recent Activity

For example, an actor's PowerScore is adversely affected if they haven't worked in 10 years. If they have numerous released projects in the past few years then their score is given more weight.  Academy Awards are only factored if they were nominated and does not subtract points for zero nominations.

How is the PowerScore unique?

With a maximum score of 100, the PowerScore, moves up and down on a daily basis based on information that is input into our film development database. That information includes actor attachments, spec script sales, writing assignments, directing assignments, box office results, critics’ scores and Academy Awards. Every new piece of information impacts the score, sending it up or down


Slumdog Millionaire  - PowerScore 97.52

  • Best Picture, Academy Awards
  • Revenue = 25.2x Production cost


Avatar – PowerScore 84.22

  • 9 Academy Award Nominations
  • Revenue = 11.5x Production cost


Chicago - PowerScore 95.27

  • 6 Academy Awards
  • Revenue = 6.8x Production cost


Who and what is being measured? 

The PowerGrid tracks movie actors, writers, directors, producers, executives and movie projects, both released and unreleased.

Individuals with multiple functions – actors who produce, or directors who write screenplays -- receive a unique score for each function and a combined score, visible on their detail pages.

Projects not yet in release are limited in how high their scores can go. Only released projects have the potential of reaching 100.

What is the PowerRank?

The PowerScores of people and projects are listed in order from highest to lowest on our PowerRank, indicating in order the most powerful people and movie projects in Hollywood.

Still curious? Good!

Here’s some further detail on what, for example, goes into an actor’s score:

  • Project PowerScores
  • Time Factors (i.e. total films in xx years)
  • Oscar Nominations and Wins
  • Lead vs Supporting vs Cameo
  • Career Longevity

And here is what goes into the Released Films score: 

  • Worldwide box office
  • Production Cost
  • Person PowerScores
  • Metacritic Score
  • Oscar Nominations and Wins

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The PowerGrid is the first algorithmic tool to rank every player, project and company in the feature film business.  The data from the PowerGrid is provided exclusively by, which is now PowerGrid Pro.

*The algorithm used in the PowerGrid was developed in conjunction with Ph.D statistician Scott Benecke , based on movie-related data, such as actor attachments, spec script sales, open writing assignments, open directing assignments, box office results, critics’ scores and Academy Awards, that are input on an ongoing basis into our film development database. The PowerGrid seeks to be as transparent as possible about the elements used in the scoring process, without revealing trade secrets. We welcome your feedback!

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